Students Sign Petition To Legalize 4th Trimester Abortion

Students Sign Petition To Legalize 4th Trimester Abortion


Sex Without Emotions

A lot of people talk about having “fuck buddies”, or “friends with benefits”, and sometimes they actually say they just want “sex with no emotions” 

I call that bullshit, or maybe denial.  I could definitely have a female friend that I also sometimes had sex with; I absolutely could.  However, let’s remember the “buddies” and “friends” part of those terms.  If you called a friend and said you really didn’t want to be alone, and asked if you could get together, and they blew you off without caring that you need them, how would you feel about them as a friend?  You’re starting to get an idea what I mean now, right? 

Even during so-called casual sex, or for that matter, while masturbating, most people imagine they are with another human being, a farm animal, or (*shudders*) SOMETHING!!!  Even a rape fantasy, or actual rape, involves the reaction of another living being.

So guys and gals, if you wanna be a player and think “sex without emotions” sounds so great, imagine finding a total stranger and having sex with them.  It can be someone you encounter by accident, a prostitute, or an encounter with someone you meet through an ad.  Make sure they ABSOLUTELY know you have no feelings for them at ALL.  Make them repeat it back to you, or sign a contract maybe. 

Drinks or dinner to set the mood?  No; there is no mood.  Small talk about past life, sexual predilections, where you’re from, et cetera?  Talk afterward about how enjoyable (or unenjoyable)the encounter was?  NOT HAPPENING!!!  No emotions, remember? 

I know if I am going to fool around with, or have sex with, someone, I want it to be a fond memory for me, and them too.  It may not be LOVE.  I’m not saying we’re gonna get married and have babies, but  I’m sure as Hell gonna care about them intensely while we are together.

Understanding The True Nature of God

A friend posted that someone he knew stated they love God but not Man’s interpretation of God. This brought about a discussion of whether a person can receive a direct revelation from God, and whether God can reveal his true nature to a human being. I said no human being can ever know the answers to those questions, for the following reasons:

No human being can ever know if a “revelation from God” to a human being is being accurately understood or relayed, because the person who says they received said revelation has to interpret it using his or her human brain.

No human can ever say with 100% certainty that God has revealed His true nature, for that same reason. Even the determination that the event was an interaction with God, or that a given entity is God, is a human interpretation of what happened. Everything we see, hear, feel and think is filtered through the human brain.

I challenge anyone to tell me they understand the true nature of God, or of anything for that matter, without involving human interpretation.

To Hardcore Atheists With Manners

To Hardcore Atheists With Manners

We hear and read all the time messages from hardcore atheists, ridiculing those who worship.  You are stupid, superstitious fools, they say to the faithful.  You need to become educated and enlightened, and question your beliefs.
How could any intelligent person possibly believe in the existence of an all-powerful, all-loving yet wrathful God or Goddess, who created everything, or a group of gods and goddesses?  Ghosts, spirits of those who have passed, communicating with the living?…nonsense!!!  Angels watching over us, appearing to a chosen few with warnings of danger, even sometimes intervening and saving people’s lives?  Ridiculous!!! 
That same attitude serves to protect those who claim to serve Satan. or any religion which worship forces opposed to the Christian God.  The Devil, who some believes exists to test our faith in God and others believe is Evil Incarnate, tempting humans into doing things which cause ruin, harm or even death to others?  Many even believe there are demons, who delight in causing pain and suffering,, who can possess humans. That’s absurd!!!
Good and Evil are strictly subjective things, as judged by humans.  Curses and Blessings are mere superstition.  There is no God, and no Devil.
You hardcore atheists truly were right.  Let me ask you for one final answer, though:
What do you say when someone sneezes?

Zimmerman versus Martin- A Life or Death Decision

Zimmerman versus Martin- Seconds To Decide

 Right now many people are hotly debating the Not Guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. Obviously some believe the verdict was just, some don’t. The thing is, there only two people involved in the confrontation which led to the death of young Trayvon Martin. Nobody else can know beyond a shadow of a doubt what happened, and for sure nobody can see into the hearts and minds of Zimmerman and Martin. There is a very good chance each thought he was the one in danger.

 I believe Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman. Zimmerman felt he was in danger of being caused great bodily harm or death and had only seconds to make the decision whether to use deadly force to stop his attacker. I believe Zimmerman will spend the rest of his life questioning his actions on that day.

 I have, thankfully, never been in a situation that I thought called for use of deadly force, but I have been in confrontations where someone was threatening to harm me or others. I used the minimum force necessary to control the situation, and never seriously hurt anyone. In those cases where this was in the line of duty, I was told I had handled things correctly. I know some people thought I should have used more force than I did. I still replay those scenes in my head sometimes, wondering if I did the right thing.

Six Little Bandits

Six Little Bandits

It happened one sunny day.  I was walking past the old house that I used to keep my chickens, ducks & geese in, when from upstairs I heard what sounded like kittens mewing for their mama.  On a closer listen, it didn’t quite sound right.  It sounded kind of like a backwards meow. 
I got our tractor, raised the front end loader, and climbed up into the second floor.  I’d never been in there before, as the door leading to the stairs was nailed shut.  I could hear the little voices calling from under the floor, so  I started ripping up floorboards.
I saw a little gray-and-black baby scampering away from me, and caught him.  Eventually I found four little baby raccoons, and gathered them up.  Upon checking a certain downstairs room, I found two babies, next to their mother.  Their mother was a big old raccoon.  Unfortunately for her, she had decided to live in that house, and had been regularly eating my poultry.  I had put out some rat poison, and Mama Coon wouldn’t be eating any more chicken dinners.  That meant the little ones were now my responsibility.
I put the baby raccoons in a rabbit cage I had laying around.  After talking to my dad, I mixed a formula of milk, raw eggs and honey.  The little buggers sucked it down eagerly.
After a few days, I knew they recognized me as their new mother, so I turned them loose.  I would go out and make a call like their own, and they would come running, fighting each other to get their turn at the bottle.
I had them for a month or two.  It was fun playing with them, and watching them play with each other, and our dog and cats.  When they got older, two of them just naturally went wild.  I found one back in the old chicken house, and caught him again. One I never caught again.  Four of the other five, I turned loose where they could live as Nature intended. 
That last little raccoon was as tame as any pet, and was a constant companion to my Blue Heeler dog.  One time I got a call from a neighbor who lived about a mile and a half away from me, saying my dog was at their place.  I drove there, looking the whole way for the little raccoon, but didn’t see him.  Imagine my relief when, as I pulled up to the house, a little masked face peered around the corner at me.  “Has your dog got a pet raccoon?” the neighbor asked, and we laughed.  My little friend was okay, for now, at least.
I’ll always remember those times fondly, although later I wished I had turned that last little guy loose somewhere, too.  He was trying to help my dog the chase cows out one morning, and was stepped on and killed.  Rest in peace, my friend.

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